They Raised Safflower by Recycling Waste Waters

Scientists in the Aegean University raised safflower as an energy plant by recycling the waste waters in the organized industrial zone.

Scientists from Ege University have conducted researches on the recycling of the waste waters at ITOB within the scopes of the projects of SANTEZ, TÜBİTAK and BAP. Water used in the industrial processes was ensured to be treated and used in the agricultural irritation and landscaping in the pilot plants established within the scope of the projects. Furthermore positive feedbacks were taken from the studies intended to use the recycled water as process water.

Giving information on the projects conducted at ITOB, Prof. Dr. Nalan Kabay, Lecturer in Ege University, Department of Chemical Engineering said “We search the viability of the advanced membrane treatment technologies through our pilot scale studies. Use of the recycled waste waters as irrigation water in raising safflower as an energy plant was examined through the field experiments. Cultivation of oil crops with high oil content is needed for the production of biodiesel as analternative environment-friendly fuel. In the project we search the applicability of the oil derived from the safflower rose using the waste waters treated and recycled with MBR method in the cooking oil for nutritional purposes and biodiesel production. We have obtained significant results in the studies up to now. Another of the studies intended for the secondary evaluation of the treated waste waters is the functional and aesthetic use of them for landscaping and irrigation. We have carried out recreational landscaping works at ITOB for this purpose”. Emphasizing that the recycled water may be used as process water, Prof.Dr.Nalan Kabay stated that water consumption in the Organized Industrial Zones may be minimized in this way and it will be a solution for the water shortage to be experienced in the near future.

Prof.Dr. Necdet Budak, Rector of Ege University got together with Onur Ramazan Acar, Chairman of ITOB Exeuctive Board, Mutlu Kenanoğlu, ITOB-Zone Director and board members during his visit to ITOB. An investigative visit was organized to the pilot plant of the TUBITAK project conducted on “Reuse of the Recycled Waste Waters in Process Water as Treated through the Treatment with High Cut-Off Membranes” within the body of ITOB.

Rector, Prof.Dr. Necdet Budak, getting information on the project stated that Ege University has continued to stay in close cooperation with the industry in line with the priorities of Turkey.

Rector Prof. Dr. Budak said “We feel right proud of bringing many projects to our country with respect to university-industry collaboration. But there is a competitive environment based on the technology changing dramatically. We need to bring our previous collaborations and contributions to the industry in form ıof the products with high added value to our economy . Our academicians have conducted a pilot study intended to treat and recycle the wastewaters within the body of ITOB. There is an interdisciplinary approach in the project conducted therein. Lecturers from the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Aquaculture, Bergama Vocational School, Bayındır Vocational School engaged in the said projects as well as the ones from Engineering Faculty. Our academicians have contributed to the protection of our water sources by using alternative water sources and thus to our national economy and sustainable development. I congratulate our academicians having contributed to such valuable project. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank ITOB Board for their collaboration.”