ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE allows its participants to make production in easier, more productive and affordable way by providing a common infrastructure service and encourage well-organized and systematic reconstruction in the zone. To produce solutions to the problems of industrialists in the zone by maintaining all kinds of infrastructural services, to maintain the service quality in line with the technological developments, to use the energy offered by the natural sources by reaching maximum productivity with the awareness of environmental protection, to contribute to social, cultural and economic developments are the primary principles and goals of the zone.

Environmental protection, maintenance, repair and improvement works for maintaining the quality and uninterrupted availability of the infrastructural services, reforestation and security fall within the principal duties of ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE as well as electricity, natural gas and water supply, waste water treatment, issuance of the construction permit, occupancy permit and the license for non-sanitary enterprises.

354 industrial parcels ranging between 1.000 m2 to 30.000 m2 are available in the zone covering an area of 250 hectares. The firms in our zone are involved in food, iron & steel, chemistry, plastics, machinery, electric-electronic and information sector.

İTOB as for Quality

ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE carries out its all activities by adopting Total Quality Management as a principle. Management and its sub units work coordinately by making no concession on quality.

İTOB as for Infrastructure and Environment

1.500.000 Cubic-Meter

Excavation & Filling Works

21.650 meter

Sewage Duct

20.500 meter

Potable Water Pipeline

27.500 meter

Natural Gas Pipeline

11.250 meter

Prefabricated rainwater channel


Transformer Stations

38.500 meter


20.000 meter


6.500 Subscribers

Telecom Switchboard with

Waste Water Treatment Facility of Our Zone has been launched in 2008. High-tech waste water treatment facility where MBR process has been used first among the Organized Industrial Zones has a capacity of 8.000 m3/day and capacity of the first section commissioned is currently 2.000 m3/day. Considering the increasing severity of the draught with each passing day, it should be noted that waste water of the zone is recycled fully as second quality water. 28-hectare area was reforested and thousands of olive trees were planted. A large part of the traffic islands were greened. A great deal of attention was paid to the reforestation of the zone at a barren and infertile land where there were just two pine trees whet it was purchased. All investments were made through the own sources of the zone.


ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE is one of the zones whose infrastructural works are completed and which are ready for investment and close to downtown.

32 km.

to Downtown

12 km.

to Menderes

18 km.

to Adnan Menderes Airport

35 km.

to Izmir Port

Short distance from the zone to both Adnan Menderes Airport and Izmir Port facilitates the logistic activities. Cumaovası – Aliağa railway line goes through the entrance of the zone. Upon the completion of the works intended to ensure the line to reach subway standards, transportation and shuttle services will be faster and more affordable.