Occupancy rate of Bilimpark occupying 22.897 sqm. in the zone is 75%. Our zone has participated in İzmir Bilimpark A.Ş. with the capital in kind with a non-industrial parcel. Some of the firms in the zone perform their activities in the techno park and benefit from the serious advantages.

Some firms taking place in the techno park has started to perform their activities in our zone. R&D and innovative projects conducted at Bilimpark may benefit from the significant exemptions.

Corporations at Bilimpark are exempted from corporation and income taxes until December 31,2023.

Salaries and fees for the researchers, software developers and technicians who are directly involved in our R&D activities are fully exempted from the income. Half of the employer’s national insurance contribution for R&D Personnel is met from the budget of the Ministry of Finance.

Izmir Science and Technology Park, Technology Development Zone ranked second amoung Early Stage Technology Development Zones.