Water / Waste Water

Domestic water distributed to the participants in the zone is provided through the wells drilled. Water is currently stored in a 1.000 cubic meter water tank and distributed to the participants at 4-6 bars. Water wells are drilled; storage reservoir and transmission line were established for any increase in consumption at the field which is located in the south of the zone and richer in underground water sources. The said wells will be commissioned on the advancing days and thus there will be any problem in water supply in the long term.

Waste water is collected through the corrugated pipes and there is a total 21-kilometer waste water network in the zone. Standards are sought for the discharge from the firms of which process includes water use to waste water infrastructure. (Annex 4)

Waste Water Treatment Facility

Capacity of the waste water treatment facility is 8.000 m3/day, its first stage of 2.000 m3/day was commissioned in September 2008 and a discharge permit was taken as issued by the Governorship of Izmir, Provincial Directorate Of Environment And Forestry under no. 14.05.2009 / 670.

Output water quality is very high with 0,01 micron ultra-filtration capability as a waste water treatment process comprising physical, chemical and biological processes and stabile MBR process has been used also.

Output water is discharged by fulfilling the requirements for The Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Water Pollution Control Regulation, Table 19 Standards for the Discharge of Mixed Industrial Waste Waters to the receiving environment (Annex 5) and since it uses drying channel of the Directorate General for State Hydraulic Works (DSI), it conforms also to Irrigation Water Standards of The Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Agriculture (Annex 6).

8.000 m3 per day is planned to be treated with the facility and recycled primarily as irrigation water in the zone and then as second quality domestic water for the enterprises with higher water consumption upon the additional investments.

Process Description

  • STAGE 1

    In general system includes a physical pretreatment made up of induct coarse grid, lifting center and drum type fine screen and intended to clear of the solids in the waste water, which is not biodegradable or may harm the pump, mechanical components etc. or may affect negatively the treatment productivity;

  • STAGE 2

    Alum in order for Phosphor to meet the required standards; preparation of alum, lime and polyelectrolyte chemicals in order to secure the required output productivity in case of input design parameters getting out of control or other undesired operation conditions and chemical dosing units made up of storage tanks and dosing pumps;

  • STAGE 3

    Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) process which carries out the water discharge as treated with 0.01 micron ultra filtration at the ventilation output and used instead of an aeration basin ensuring that the organic substances dissolved in the waste water are absorbed by the bacteria and an sedimentation basin in the separation of active sludge and treated water;

  • STAGE 4

    Sludge dewatering consisting of sludge conditioning equipments and decanter;

  • STAGE 5

    Bio-Set processes which are planned to be added to the facility in the future and will ensure the sludge to be transformed to A-Class Biosolid with developed alkali stabilization and recycled so.